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The finest, freshest cream and traditional butter making methods, honed over 50 years of history, ensuring our Butter products are the best you can buy. Butter makes significant contributions to the food systems colour, appearance, flavour, texture and structure.

Lactalis's Butter is made from 100% fresh dairy cream and is suitable in a wide range of applications including bakery, confectionery, sauces and frozen desserts. We also manufacture 82% fat, unsalted butter most often used in bakery applications for delicate pastry or laminated dough.

Our cultured butters are European style, with a distinct cultured flavour. Available salted or unsalted, these butters are most often used in bakery, but will enhance flavour in any upscale product.

Use Garlic butter wherever the delicious flavour and aroma of fresh garlic is desired. This butter is typically used in prepared foods such as meat and pasta entrees, sauces and spreads for specialty breads.

Butteroil or Clarified Butter is almost pure milk fat. It is also considered lactose free, as per Canadian regulations. Most often used in chocolate, confectionery fillings, Ghee, dips, sauces and popcorn. Available in multiple formats from totes to 2.27 kg pails.

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