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Dariplus® dairy powders offer food developers the taste and performance of conventional fresh dairy products such as cream, sour cream, yogourt and cream cheese in a convenient and shelf stable format.  

Dariplus® powders are available in 3 full fat formulations: Dariplus® 122 Cream Powder (72% M.F.) gives outstanding richness in sauces and soups.

Dariplus® 325 Cream Cheese Powder (62% M.F.) brings the richness of cream cheese to bakery and confectionary fillings and various prepared food products.

Dariplus® 422 Sour Cream Powder (56% M.F.) gives distinct sour cream flavour to dry sauces and seasoning, bakery mixes and ranch-style dressings.

Dariplus® 350B is yogourt powder made from fresh skim milk, cultured and acidified to deliver a distinct but pleasant, acidic cultured dairy flavour.  This spray dried yogourt is versatile in use for bakery filling and icings, confectionary coating and fillings, dry dessert mixes and yogourt inclusions. Provides nutritional Milk Pro® tein and minerals.

All Dariplus® powders are available in 25 kg poly-lined bags, easy to handle and requires no refrigerated storage.

Featured Brands


Dariplus® 122 – Cream 72% M.F.
Dariplus® 325 – Cream Cheese 62% M.F.
Dariplus® 350B – Yogourt Powder
Dariplus® 375 - Greek Yogourt 
Dariplus® 422 – Sour Cream 56% M.F. 

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