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Dairy Proteins - The Perfect Food


Protein and its constituent amino acids, is required for growth, repair, maintenance and overall good health. However all proteins are not equal in nutritional benefits. Proteins from different sources contain different levels of essential amino acids and as such contribute varying amounts towards meeting our daily protein requirements. Milk contains proteins that are rich in essential amino acids and whey proteins, in particular, have a protein efficiency superior to just about any other single protein source. More importantly, with the proper controlled processing, whey proteins have the added benefit of contributing specific, desired functionalities in a wide range of food categories. They are natural ingredients that impart a clean dairy taste that are ideal for even the most flavour sensitive applications. Combined with their unmatched nutritional benefit, that makes them invaluable for today’s food developer.

Whey Protein - The Right Stuff

Lactalis’s line of specialty whey protein concentrates (WPC) is produced with the greatest attention to all process details. Protein in milk is composed of two principle fractions: casein (80%) and whey (20%). Separation of these fractions takes place when cheese is manufactured and the casein forms the cheese matrix leaving the whey proteins as part of the whey solution that is separated from the cheese. This whey solution is segregated and, under carefully controlled temperature and filtration conditions, is subjected to proprietary Parmalat processing and is concentrated to obtain desired levels of whey protein, lactose, fat and/or minerals. Functional attributes of WPC include solubility, gelation, thickening, opacifying and foaming.

Milk Protein

Right now we have whey protein, Milk Protein and then Prodel® which is whey protein.

Prodel® is a highly functional, nutritional, cream-coloured, whey protein concentrate manufactured from fresh, sweet cheese whey.  Prodel® WPC’s are functional sources of protein applicable to a variety of food applications, often used for extra protein or better functionality than whey. The globular whey proteins, which are very sensitive to processing conditions, are carefully concentrated and dried into powder while maintaining native protein functionality.

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Milk Pro®

Milkpro® 700-MPC 70


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WPC 80 (Regular & Instant)

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