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It is separated and concentrated from fresh whole milk, yielding a clean, pleasing, nutritional ingredient that offers numerous benefits. It is transported in bulk tankers, totes or drums. In its evaporated (concentrated) form, this product is primarily used in the manufacture of ice cream, frozen desserts, puddings, sauces, sweet toppings and ripples, beverages, yogourt and infant formula products.

Typically concentrated to 34% solids EVAPORATED MILK eliminates excess water verses fluid skim milk and eliminates reconstitution of milk powder. It yields a fresh, clean dairy flavour profile.


It is fresh whole or skim milk and sugar concentrated to 70 to 75% solids. The processing of milk and sugar delivers a rich, sweet, slightly cooked flavour profile that is highly beneficial in confectionary products such as caramel and chocolate crumb. Bakery fillings, custards and many ethnic desserts rely on the unique flavour profile of sweetened condensed milk. The presence of sugar provides shelf stability benefits. Product is available in bulk tankers, drums and 6.5 kg pouches and retail cans under refrigerated conditions. 


Freshly separated from whole milk, CREAM is the concentrated form of milk fat in liquid format. For industrial, further processing use CREAM with 40% milk fat is transported in bulk tankers or totes. Typical applications are ice cream, soups and sauces. For the bakery industry WHIPPING CREAM with 35% milk fat is packaged in totes or 20 litre poly-bag. Cream delivers a rich, full-bodied mouth-feel, texture and appearance accompanied with a superior, premium quality taste profile to food products.

Now available: Clean label 36% M.F. Cream packaged in totes or 20 Litre poly-bag.


Large scale food manufacturers can benefit from the convenience of receiving skim milk replacers in bulk tankers. These milk replacement systems are formulated the same as various dry powder milk replacers but are evaporated only to approximately 30% solids and kept under refrigerated conditions. LIQUID MILK REPLACERS possess the required functionality to replace skim milk and eliminate the added cost, handling and reconstitution of dry powder. Typically these milk replacers are custom formulated for the end users application and processing parameters.


Skim, 2%, Homo, Table Cream and Buttermilk are also available to use as ingredients for food manufacturers.

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