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Skim milk powder is sprayed dried from freshly separated milk.  The heat process applied 
during the milk concentration is altered to deliver specific attributes and end product benefits.

Low Temperature (Low Heat) skim milk powder leaves the proteins in their most native state making them suitable for applications that requires maximum protein reactivity such as yogourt, cheese, infant and animal nutrition.

Medium Temperature (Medium Heat) skim milk powder is given a slightly higher heat treatment to develop more flavour which is particularly appropriate for confectionary products.

High Temperature (High Heat) skim milk powder is subjected to extensive heat and hold time to maximize the protein denaturation to enhance water binding and minimize gluten interference in baking.

Other processing variations yield products with specific physical attributes.

Instant Skim milk powder is a product where the powder particles are agglomerated into larger particles, thereby increasing the surface area making the powder readily dispersible in cold and hot applications. Instant Skim milk powder is also fortified with vitamins for fluid milk drinking.

Whole Milk powder is spray-dried from fresh whole milk at either 26% or 28.5% fat level to produce a powder with quality and freshness. This product is a highly functional and beneficial ingredient that provides all the naturally occurring essential minerals, nutritional Milk Pro® teins, milk fat and carbohydrates necessary for good nutrition and health.

Dariplus® 500 is a specially processed, high (70%) free fat whole milk powder designed for chocolate production. Key functional benefits are reduced conching time, improved viscosity, reduced cocoa butter usage and improved chocolate production efficiencies. The flavour profile is extremely clean and shelf life is more stable than traditional whole milk powder. Dariplus® 500 performs much like the traditional roller dried whole milk powder.

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Skim - Low, Medium & High Temp 
Instant Skim - Vitamin Fortified 
Whole - 26% and 28.5% M.F. 
Dariplus® 500 - High Free Fat 

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