Whey Powder and Whey Replacers

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Whey powder is the spray-dried form of sweet dairy whey from cheese manufacturing. This versatile and cost effective dairy ingredient is used in a wide cross section of food manufacturing.

Whey replacers are lower protein blends of de-proteinized whey (whey permeate), whey and / or milk proteins formulated to substitute for whey powder in situations of cost or availability constraints. In certain applications whey replacers may provide a reduced flavour contribution.

Key physical attributes of these powders are Lactalis Canada's processing capability that produces a low hygroscopic whey particle which keeps the powders free flowing and non – caking. These powders have a particle size that enables quick reconstitution for wet mixes and good bulk density for dry mixes.

Whey powder and whey replacers provide and promote dairy flavour profile in beverages, ice cream, seasoning blends, confectionary products and margarine. In bakery applications they promote browning, freshness/keeping quality and texture. Whey and whey replacers often can replace skim milk powder, either partially or totally.

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Protelac® 100
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Darisweet 200

Non-hygroscopic whey

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